It is highly recommended to download the full version of Deadswitch 3 for optimal performance.

If you are still experiencing FPS issues while playing Deadswitch 3, try the following:

  • - Enable Performance Mode
  • - Disable Effects
  • - Disable Details

If you are experiencing network/latency issues while playing Deadswitch 3, try the following:

  • - Connect to a different multiplayer server
  • - Disconnect from any VPNs
  • - Enable performance mode and disable game effects (see above)



How do I change my in-game name?
To change your name, go to Ranked > Profile > Edit Name.

How do I change the controls?
To view/edit the controls, go to Settings > Edit Controls or click the gear icon in the top right corner.

How do I use a controller to play?
Simply connect your controller to your PC. You can modify controller settings in Settings > Controller. Note that controller support is currently limited.


How do I level up and earn XP?
Earn XP by killing enemies, scoring objectives, and completing challenges in game. Each level has an XP requirement.

How do I unlock new weapons and equipment?
As you rank up, you will unlock new items. Some items will need to be purchased with Shards.

What are Shards and how do I get them?
Shards are the in-game currency of Deadswitch 3. They are used to unlock new weapons, attachments, perks, killstreaks, and more. You can earn Shards by ranking up, completing multiplayer challenges, completing Operations, or adding them to your Deadswitch 3 account.

What are classes?
Classes are defined set of weapons, perks, equipment, and killstreak type. They are used in Ranked games. You have several custom classes to modify in the Edit Classes menu.

What are perks?
Perks are player modifiers that enhance certain attributes (such as movement speed or reload speed). Perks are organized into 2 types: Player Perks and Weapon Perks.

What are killstreaks?
Killstreaks are rewards given to players for killing several enemies without dying. Killstreaks are organized into 3 types: Assault, Support, and Perks. You can customize your killstreaks in the Edit Killstreaks menu.


How can I create/join a party?
Once connected to a multiplayer server, click Create Party or Join Party. Party leaders can invite other players in the player list.

How can I create/join a custom game?
Once connected to a multiplayer server, click Custom Game. You can either create a new custom lobby or join an existing one by ID. To make the custom game publicly accessible by other players, go to Edit Game Settings > Private > OFF. Custom games are private by default.

How can I create/join a clan?
You must be logged into a Deadswitch 3 account to access clans. Once logged in, go to Ranked > Multiplayer > Clans. To create a new clan, you must be maximum level (Rank 50). Once created, you become the clan leader and can invite any other player who is logged into a Deadswitch 3 account.


If you still need assistance regarding Deadswitch 3, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]