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Last Updated: May 8, 2021

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Deadswitch 3 is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter that you can play in a web browser or as a standalone game. This guide will help you learn the basics of gameplay, optimize performance, and get the best experience possible.

Standalone Requirements

  1. Supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Browser Requirements

  1. WebGL support (Chromium-based browsers are recommended)
  2. WebSocket support for multiplayer
  3. Hardware acceleration
  4. Recommended: 4GB RAM / GPU: 4GB VRAM

Make sure hardware acceleration is enabled when playing in browser. This allows your GPU to be used to improve game performance. This can be configured in your browser's settings.

Getting Started #back to top


Use your keyboard and mouse to play. You can change the default controls in Settings > Edit Controls.

Play with a Controller

You can alternatively use a controller to play. Please note that full controller support is not yet available, however it is planned for a future update.

  1. Connect controller to your PC (make sure controller is awake)
  2. Select controller type in Settings > Controller

Changing the button mappings is currently unavailable. You can view the default mappings in Settings > Controller.


You can hold up 2 to weapons at a time. Press Q to switch between them. You can also use 1 or 2 to select them.

Each weapon has its own attributes:

  • Damage
  • Accuracy
  • Fire rate
  • Reload speed
  • Range
  • Headshot multiplier
  • Speed multiplier

Most weapons can have attachments equipped, which further adjust a weapon's attributes.

Hold the right mouse button to aim down sights (ADS). This increases your vision and reduces weapon recoil.


You can carry 1 type of equipment at a time. Press G to use your current equipment. Equipment types include:

  • Grenades
  • Explosives
  • Claymores
  • Motion sensors
  • Throwing knives


Perks are benefits that apply to a character. There are 2 types of perks:

  • Player perks adjust player attributes, such as movement speed or increased health.
  • Weapon perks adjust weapon attributes, such as reload speed or increased accuracy.

When a character has perks applied, they are always active.

Being killed in Survival games will cause you to lose your perks.


Killstreaks are powerful support items. They include weapon airdrops, attack helicopters, airstrikes, and more.

Use the mouse wheel or arrow keys to cycle through your current killstreaks.

Press Z to use your currently selected killstreak.

Character Customization

You can customize your character's appearance in Ranked > Edit Character.


Shards are the in-game currency that are used to unlock game content, such as weapons, attachments, perks, killstreaks, and character customizations.

You earn Shards by leveling up, completing multiplayer challenges, completing Operations, and/or by viewing ads on the browser version.

Interacting with Objects

Many objects in the world can be interacted with. Press E to interact when touching an interactable object. Press E again to cancel the interaction if applicable. Such objects include:

  • Dropped weapons
  • Ammo crates
  • Bombs (plant or defuse)
  • Players to be revived

Ranked Games #back to top

Progress through the ranks! Earn XP by killing enemies, completing objectives, and using killstreaks. As you rank up, new weapons, equipments, perks, and killstreaks will become unlocked.

You will be awarded an XP match bonus at the end of every ranked game. However, if you quit before the game ends, you will forfeit your match bonus.


Ranked games use classes. Each class consists of:

  • Primary weapon
  • Secondary weapon
  • Equipment
  • Player perk
  • Weapon perk
  • Killstreak type

Select your desired class at the start of a game or when you are waiting to respawn by pressing E.

Edit your custom classes in the menu by clicking Edit Classes.

Edit your killstreak packages in the menu by clicking Edit Killstreaks.

Game Modes

  • Free-for-All
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Capture the Flag
  • Team Defender
  • Demolition
  • Headquarters
  • Gun Game
  • Infected

Aside from Free-for-All and Gun Game, game modes are team-based. Work with your team to complete the objective.


After reaching the maximum level (50), you have the chance to prestige. Prestiging resets your level and unlocks.

There are 5 levels of prestige.

Special weapons and equipment are unlocked as you prestige.

Operations #back to top

Operations are objective-based missions. Each operation offers its own reward; typically XP or Shards.

There are 3 difficult tiers:

  • Novice (1 star)
  • Moderate (2 stars)
  • Veteran (3 stars)

Operations are limited to 1-2 players.

You will receive 1 Shard for every 10 Operation Stars you earn.


Each operation has an assigned weapon loadout. Occassionally a choice of weapons will be present. You decide which weapons will best help you complete the mission.


The enemy mechanics for operations are different than other game modes. Enemies rely on direct sight and sound and will investigate nearby disturbances. Use this to your advantage before taking on groups of enemies.

Silenced weapons won't alert enemies of your location in Operation games.

Survival #back to top

Survival games put you against endless waves of enemies.

There are 4 different survival modes:

  • Undead
  • Terrorist
  • Chaos
  • Stakeout


Undead, Terrorist, and Chaos modes are considered basic survival modes. Each player has money and a money multiplier. Money is earned by killing enemies and completing waves. Headshots and melee kills earn more money and increase your money multiplier. Multi-kills will also increase your money multiplier. Normal kills will reset your money multiplier.

Use your money to purchase new weapons, equipments, perks, and support from the tactical crate.

Waves completed with all headshots or melees will earn you an additional multiplier bonus.

Explosive weapons and killstreaks will not reset your multiplier.

Keeping your money multiplier high is the key to surviving!


Stakeout is a unique survival mode. Instead of using money to purchase items, random airdrops are delivered throughout the waves. Airdrops can contain ammo, weapons, perks, or killstreaks.

Airdrop frequency will increase as you complete each wave.

Multiplayer #back to top

Multiplayer allows you to play online with other players. When you connect to a multiplayer server, your ranked profile is used.

Reaching level 5 is recommended before playing online.

Public Games

You can join public game lobbies by clicking Multiplayer > Find Game. You can join by game mode or select Auto Join to join the lobby best determined for you.

Private Games

You can create or join private game lobbies which use a unique id. Private lobbies are ideal for friends who want to play custom games with each other.

To create a new private game lobby:

  1. Select Private Game
  2. Select Create New to create a new private game lobby
  3. Copy the lobby id and send to your friends
  4. Customize the current game settings
  5. Select Start Match to start the game

To join an existing private game lobby:

  1. Select Private Game
  2. Enter the desired lobby id (the host should provide you this)


Parties allow friends to play public and private games together easier. Players in a party will join game lobbies together. When joining public lobbies in a party, at least 1 other player must be present for a game to start.

To create a new party:

  1. Select Create Party
  2. Copy the party id and send to your friends

To join an existing party:

  1. Select Join Party
  2. Enter the desired party id (the host should provide you this)

Rotation Lobbies

Rotation lobbies consist of multiple game modes, such as Survival Rotation.


Make sure you are connected to a good internet connection before playing online.

Issue Details
Cannot connect to server No internet connection
The server doesn't exist or is offline
Server has reached maximum player capacity Server player limit has been reached
Client timed out Poor connection to server
Kicked from lobby You were kicked from the lobby due to high latency
The lobby host has kicked you from the lobby (private games)
Client/server version mismatch The game version you're playing is outdated
"Poor/Bad Connection" during gameplay High latency between your computer and the server
Try connecting to ethernet instead of Wifi
Disconnect from any VPNs

Custom Server

If you're interested in hosting your own Deadswitch 3 server, please contact me.

Performance Tips #back to top

If you're having performance issues on the browser version, try the following:

  • Close all other programs
  • Use a Chromium-based browser
  • Enable hardware acceleration for your browser (on Chrome: chrome://settings)
  • Enable performance mode (Settings > Performance Mode)
  • Disable details (Settings > Details)
  • Disable effects (Settings > Effects)
  • Disable fit window (Settings > Fit Window)
  • Download the full standalone version

Please contact me if you are still encountering performance issues.